Run python script in virtualenv from cron

9 April 2013

I’m using virtualenv and have some python scripts as part of a django project. The scripts need to be run by cron, but have to use the virtualenv.

There’s a few solutions around, but I went with this shell script which changes to the directory it’s in, activates the virtualenv and runs python for the given script with args.

The script looks like:


# Runs python script within virtualenv
# used by cron

cd `dirname $0`
source env/bin/activate
python "${@:1}"

chmod it so it’s executable.

I run it from cron like:

/srv/www/myproject/runscript scripts/ arg1 arg2

The script is at /srv/www/myproject/scripts/ – i.e. relative to the runscript script.

This is largely a note-to-self, but I hope it helps you, too.

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